About Us

WHAT’S SO DAMN FUNNY, PORTLAND?!? Well, we’ll tell ya. Your videos, that’s what!

PORTLAND’S FUNNIEST VIDEOS ain’t just another LAUGH ‘TIL YOU WET YOUR PANTS kinda evening. No, it’s much more than that. It’s a comedic, short-film competition EVERY DAMN MONTH at Curious Comedy Theater.

Maybe your video will win the Monthly Audience Choice award. Or, you’ll win a gag award EVERY DAMN MONTH . But one thing’s for sure. You’ll finally get your 15 seconds of fame. And, in March (every March) one of your videos could win the title of Portland’s Funniest Video.


First, Portland film nerds accept the challenge to make Portland laugh. Next, they submit their funniest videos — no more than 7 minutes long each. Then, their best creative work duke it out to WIN PRIZES at the event.